The DeRose Method

The DeROSE METHOD offers a pathway to a better life, relying on ancient tools vitally relevant to a modern lifestyle. These techniques have an effect on all areas of your life; they will initially strengthen your physical body, then they will work in more subtle ways in the way you connect with the world, improving your working life and relationships. They stimulate your creativity and intuition; thus offering a multi-lateral development.

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​We use ancient breathing techniques to increase energy and vitality, to reduce stress. These techniques can also heighten the brain activity to increase your performance at work, or to decrease the brain waves to facilitate and empower meditation. 

Photo: Ady Centre Director Paulo Pacifici



Strength is important but we can take you even further. Learn to truly maximise your potential, explore your limits and develop the body-consciousness you always desired.

Our practitioners achieve a level of flexibility they never thought possible, using an intelligent approach. The results are indisputable. Flexibility and strength are important for realising longevity and quality of life, but they are a consequence of the techniques we teach, not actually the goal.

The DeRose Method will train your body externally and internally, and the results will go far beyond the development of a strong supple body. 



Imagine that after everything you have experienced in your life to date, after all of the wonderful things you have already discovered and lived, you came to realise that there is a whole other “world” inside of you that you had never known existed. A place that you find so indescribably delightful to settle in that you want to visit very often, and stay there for as long as possible.

Meditation goes beyond being conscious or just being quiet. It is when you genuinely silence your mind and experience many insights into your life. It is when you are fully aware of your emotions, thoughts and behaviours - Self-Knowledge.


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Our teachers and coaches annually revalidate their professional certification. They all have a monitor and a supervisor to follow-up their technical evolution.