An archive of 59 powerful

Breathing Techniques

to improve your quality of life.

What you can expect from regular breathwork:


More Vitality

From the very beginning you will feel an increase of your energy and vitality.

Happy Driver

When faced with an emotionally challenging situation, it helps you to show more stability and clearer thoughts.

Smiling Elderly Woman

Due to the breathing exercises nourishing the cells and stimulating the brain, you will certainly experience an intense feeling of contentment.

Emotional Management

Increase of Feeling of Satisfaction

I’ve come to meet DeRose because after all this research, after so many years of reading books, I’ve still got questions. 
DeRose supposedly knows all about it, he’s written 30 books on the oldest forms of yoga and breathing.
DeRose studies and teaches is an ancient practice, vastly different from yoga at neighbourhood studios.

James Nestor, author of Breath.


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