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Breathwork. Mindfulness. Meditation.

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The DeROSE METHOD, established in Rio de Janeiro in 1960, is a fusion of powerful techniques  – including physical, breathing and meditation practices – and philosophical concepts, inspired by ancient traditions. The ultimate goal of the DeROSE METHOD is to boost your personal evolution.


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A Personal Approach to Your Evolution

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Physical Intelligence

Focus and Meditation



Mindfulness Design Workshops

(Conceptual Programmes):

Stress & Wellbeing

Emotional Intelligence

Intentional Life

Focus & Optimal Performance

Intuitive and Creative Mind


Meet The Team





Noora Parssinen


Rafael Bettega

Our teachers undertake a rigorous twelve year training programme, and are evaluated annually, a process that ensures their technical excellence. Their commitment to this philosophy and to the transformation of the lives of others is reflected in the quality of their teaching.


Every class is unique, challenging, and rewarding.


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• All classes are online in Real-Time through our platform
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• Feedback, corrections and orientation during the classes
• Interactive classes
• Class duration: 25, 50 and 70 minutes
• Workshop duration: 55 minutes